Online Sports Nutrition and Exercise Healthy FoodOur Lifestyle and Wellness Workshops are loved by many for their informative and interactive style.

During our workshops participants will:

  • Ask questions and learn from experienced Lifestyle and Wellness Coaches or Ambassadors
  • Learn how principals and techniques of Lifestyle and Wellness are applied
  • Be involved in sessions which are interactive with other group members and sharing reflections
  • Sample a range of different techniques and methods on how to apply your learnings and strategies
  • Receive take home information sheets that can be used on a regular basis. 


Loved Kat’s energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and openness.  A great morning. Thank you!

Eye Opening  – Need more!

Sharing with others good

That I am not alone in trying to better one’s self


Living Well Coach Yourself to Wellness

This is a great program for those wishing to make change in their lives and runs for 3 hours with discussions around;

  • Understanding Wellness
  • Learn about Change
  • What holds you back
  • Learn your Strengths
  • Understand the different types of Goals and your Why?
  • We learn about the Wellness Pyramid
  • Write a Wellness Vision
  • Learn basics on Nutrition, Fitness, Weight Control, Stress Management and Other Behaviours

This workshop will help you feel empowered, give you some usable and sustainable skills and tools to help you move forward and understand the process of change in our lives.

For the Love of Being Rich

Maybe you set goals and you do have an idea of what your purpose and direction in life is. This simply is not enough for you to experience the abundance in life that you deserve. If your life purpose and most important goals don’t require you to be empowered by supportive relationships then you haven’t set your aim high enough.

Understand that you are amazing and you have God given potential to radically make a difference. Yes, you are a radical difference maker! It is already inside of you!

In this 3 hour “Abundance Mindset Vision Coaching” We will draw out the gold that is in you as I partner with you through;

  • Your current life, relationship and work transitions and approach to Abundance
  • You will become your authentic amazing best so that you can go out and live your life purpose with passion and abundance.
  • As we go through this process you will have some laughs and fun along the way and also create your own Vision Board. 
Super Market Tours

A Supermarket Tour for clients including businesses that want to take their understanding of Lifestyle and Wellness further or to do something a little different we offer you or your the opportunity to take part in a super market tour. Facilitated over a 1 hour session our Lifestyle and Wellness Coaches will take you by yourself or with a small group to a super market located close to you and educate on how to read food labels, how to make healthy food choices and how to spend wisely.

Pantry Makeover

 A kitchen-pantry makeover with you, where I go through your  stored food items in your  home or for a company in their work environment,  I educate you about the pros and cons of the stored food items, and develop a list of healthier choices, groceries shopping ideas, food preparation tips, and necessary kitchen utensils and cookware.