What is Changing Lives Australia really about?

Empowering people in the community to make a positive difference by creating a synergistic channel of optimism, teamwork, creativity, resourcefulness connecting like minded individuals to help others…. YES “Givers Gain”

“If you improve your Health and Wellbeing everything else improves”

Therefore I am inviting the public, professionals and corporates both from a clinical and holistic perspective including Life Coaches, Lifestyle, Food and Wellness Coaches, Fitness experts, Reiki Practitioners, Masseuses, Hypnotherapists, Yoga, Theta Healers, Laughter Yoga, Nutritionists, NLP Practitioners, Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists Mental Health Nurses, Spiritual Leaders anyone interested in overall health and wellness to sign up to become “Lifestyle and Wellness Ambassadors”

This is a collective group of people who can offer positive ideas to the system and are change makers to society, education and health system.


Those people who are mindful human beings who can facilitate community workshops, educate, fundraise or assist in crowd funding activities for the community and encouraging everyone to be open to help with positive proactive change management processes.

A central networking space where people can exchange ideas on being their best and become involved in projects that people can connect that will benefit the community or become a  “Lifestyle & Wellness Ambassadors”.

The aim is to improve and empower the community by offering services which are are free, pro bono or a massively reduced rate to encourage self improvement whilst treating each other with love, respect, dignity and trust. 

Help others to find the teacher within to live a healthy and fulfilling life.  Namaste. 


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