We have a vision where coaches, holistic entrepreneurs, wellness speakers, lifestyle business owners, health & fitness experts and people with life’s experiences are not afraid to speak up for what they believe in.   We would love for people of all levels to know that they can communicate with power, authenticity and are able to impact people on a daily basis. We are wanting to create a community which is fun, educational and make change through lifestyle and wellness coaching.  To have daredevil speakers to encourage others to grow and create positive change in many corners of the world. Be that through TED talks, large conferences, workshops, special events, video and online. They will know what their message, story and knowledge will be heard and that they can communicate that with confidence and certainty if you have a message…we need to hear it so that you can work with us to improve peoples lives.


Our mission is to empower people to make a difference and to know that they can access their best teacher within. True changes occur from within and when we learn to truly listen to ourselves, love ourselves and be authentic,  we are empowered to make conscious choices that supports us in our day to day lives especially with the purpose of Health, Lifestyle and Wellness.


We appreciate when your mental health, lifestyle and wellness are in balance and harmony you have a greater capacity to absorb life’s ups and downs, to heal yourself, integrating everything that happens on a deeper, more profound level. Overall you will begin to embrace the flow of life, accepting and trusting all changes rather than fighting against them.

As Healers, Facilitators, Speakers and as Lifestyle, Food and Wellness Coaches, we facilitate people who are seeking to explore themselves whenever they feel out of balance and alignment to be who they are.  We are passionate about sharing our knowledge on Mental Health, Recovery and Lifestyle Wellness Coaching and we are available through one on one sessions,  workshops and retreats.

As  Lifestyle, Food and Wellness Coaches, we combine the use of Holistic Modalities to assist clients in change energetically with the tools that we have learnt from life experiences but also with formal skills.

We are trained and qualified in areas that include Holistic Health, Mental Health,  Business and also involved in Community engagement including volunteering activities.

We do understand the trials and tribulations of the Corporate World and the affects on family life, partners and yourself when there are challenges with your Health, Lifestyle and Wellness including Recovery and Change.

We have a practical approach to life, and allow clients to use both a clinical and holistic approach to healing and recovery of the body, mind and spirit which is person focused and centered and we will always watch “your back” as your coach.

The craft of being  parents, friends, partners, sisters, brothers, a niece, nephew, a student of life, someone that now exists in the community giving back, being valued, a human being but also now as a coach with lived experience in the area of mental health and wellness has allowed us to witness the world through curious eyes, to look at things a little differently and to always ask the questions how and why? 

It has allowed us to become aware of our breath and how our body works and reacts in different situations. We know what triggers to use to access  certain emotions and how to use that in order to become authentic and be present. Too see the light in the darkness and recognise the positives and knowing your strengths in all that we do.

We believe in courage, in being yourself fully and showing up everyday. We believe in self care and nurturing. and also stretching that comfort zone as often as possible. We believe you can do whatever you put your mind to. We believe in truth and diversity. We believe in the power of YES.

Are you ready?

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Katherine Houareau


Changing Lives Australia



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