Nothing in life is static.  I remember from when I was studying in my early twenties and being told we have life stages or cycles to market products and services to, it is now safe to reflect that this is indeed the case.  To aspire to have Soul Freedom and Love flowing abundantly within that space would have been easier working with a Lifestyle and Wellness Coach.  In reality friends, family or work colleagues may disclose very little that we would go through such significant shifts physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to be at one with ourselves, especially when you are growing up or in times of need as they had to much going on themselves or very little understanding into their own worlds or our own. I guess it’s just like the reality of being a parent, or going through a divorce or being mentally unwell…no one really tells you the REAL STUFF OF LIFE, some books try to  “flesh it out” but they are just an outline to ensure that you understand, to avoid the fragility of the pain so that you take action or words of encouragement. If you reflect on your own life’s journey up until now, you will probably agree that you have already experienced some of the following stages, but not necessarily in any precise order or at any particular pace. Some stages you may have completed, while some you haven’t yet started or maybe you are stuck and going in circles by continuously repeating others with a pattern.

STAGE 1- Trauma, Shock or a Life Altering Event

For most, it is all too easy to go through life without really pushing yourself. You prefer to stay within a safe, comfortable and dependable “material” setting. Your life becomes routine, where it may encompass getting an education, starting a career, travelling, settling into a committed relationship, raising a family and so on. Unfortunately, this isn’t always agreeable from your soul’s perspective. Many go through the “routine” of living only because that is what is expected – to appease or please either family, society or your own belief about being successful. You prefer to erect a façade, but because you are a spiritual being living an earthly existence, it is still necessary to fulfill your soul’s contract, which is the agreement that you made while still in the spiritual realm. Your soul’s purpose is to learn and to experience, through the human body, in order to expand its radius of knowledge and wisdom.


But because humans are creatures of habit and security, it may be necessary to boot you out of your comfort zone in order to make you aware that
you have a greater purpose. For most, this can only be accomplished through experiencing a major crisis – something that will really jump-start you. For some, this can be suffering through the death of a close loved one; for others it can be suffering through a serious accident or perhaps contracting a debilitating disease or being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness or mental health issue. Whatever the reason, it will be enough to give you cause to stop and re-assess your life. You will question the role that you presently play or the importance of the role that you play and you will undoubtedly wonder if you want to perhaps play a different role. This stage is the beginning of your soul’s impending transformation an OPPORTUNITY FOR GROWTH.

STAGE 2 – Search for Answers or Seeking

Once you have been “awakened”, your curiosity will unrelentingly drive you to search for answers to all the niggling and nagging questions that refuse to go away. Pay attention, because this is your soul nudging at you. At first you may search numerous libraries or browse through bookstores looking at books on self-help, alternative healing, spirituality or New-Age material. Although some of your answers may be satisfied, it still will not be enough to assuage your insistent curiosity and you will continue to feel crazily driven without really understanding why. This stage is the beginning of your soul’s growth.

STAGE 3 – Thirst for Knowledge

Your thirst for knowledge will seem unquenchable and at times you may feel as if you are running around in different directions that lead back to the same circle, only to repeat the process. Inevitably, you will uncover, seek and try out a multitude of events covering areas that may astound your perception of sensibility. At this stage it is important to be aware of the areas that really attract your attention and whether you feel comfortable pursuing them.


Your thirst for higher knowledge and wisdom will most likely continue (or should continue) until you can no longer think rationally, but at some point you will narrow your scope of interest in order to avoid spreading yourself too thinly. It is useless to be a Jack or Jill of all trades, but a master at none. This stage is a continuation of your soul’s growth, which introduces you to a smorgasbord of tidbits just waiting for you to choose and sample. It is time to unlock hidden talents, interests and qualities that lay dormant…..just waiting to be discovered or used to their fullest potential. Indulgent in personal development courses.

STAGE 4 – Question Your Sanity

In your quest for answers and knowledge, it is only natural that you will question your sanity. Climbing out from your comfort zone is quite scary, but is mainly generated from a fear of the unknown. Quite likely, family and friends will also question your sanity as well. But don’t be deterred by any criticism, because it is more important to have trust and faith in whatever is propelling your motive.

In other words, pay attention to your intuition! RUMI THE BEST IT YET TO COMEYour own ego will give you a thousand reasons why you should stay put and to stop your “silly” search. Ego does not like change and will take every opportunity to create resistance. Family and friends may feel threatened by your “odd” behaviour and may offer “friendly” advice to “help” you see logic. This stage can be coined as mid-life crisis, because this is when many take a huge spurt in their soul’s growth.

If you can truthfully attest to finalising all of these steps, then you can now breathe a sigh of satisfaction, because your soul has at last achieved personal freedom.  Most likely your journey has not been easy, with each stage presenting its own tribulation, but with perseverance it is certainly attainable.  So go ahead, you deserve to give yourself a huge pat on the back, along with a resounding applause of praise. For you are now full of joy, gratitude and happiness and you can give to the world and you have SOUL FREEDOM and ARE OVERFLOWING WITH LOVE. X 


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