As a Lifestyle and Wellness Coach, we empower people to make changes and help “Find the Teacher Within” we have the ability to work with holistic tools, to speak, encourage and inspire others to make changes for themselves. 

How does Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching Work?

Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching is based on the concept of “positive psychology”, “behaviour change” and “coaching psychology” it combines theory from all three areas.

One of the principle aims of Positive Psychology has been to correct this imbalance by propelling the field into supplementing its hard-won knowledge about suffering and mental illness with a great deal more knowledge about positive emotion. Positive psychology represents a commitment to the sources of psychological wellness, such as positive emotions, positive experiences, positive environments, and human strengths and virtues (Lyubomirsky, 2007).

As a result coaching uses proven methods to support behavior and mindset change. You will learn the tools you need to reach your goals and in the process gain insight into yourself in a way that is powerful and inspiring .  Which is also supported with a holistic approach facilitating  with our understanding of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Sports and Exercise Nutrition Advice, Theta Healing and practicing as a Reiki Master depending on your needs.

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The experience as a Principal of the practice Katherine has as a Lifestyle and Wellness Coach is very unique based on experiential learnings within her own life being a business woman, understanding of mental health, being a carer of her children and also her father being an amputee. Being passionate and engaged actively as a community Leader as a result of participating in a Leadership programs allowed her the opportunity to step up and contribute to community in more of a proactive way through supporting not for profits and support groups, including supporting local councils which run free programs.

With experience in the hospitality industry,  financial & administration management and also training in Mental Health  and with many qualifications in the business area it allows for an appreciation of a business mindset. Her understanding of Lifestyle and Wellness for all in the community is her involvement with HaDSCO (Health and Disability Services Complaints Office on the Carer’s Committee Reference Group), also being involved in projects around engagement with Health, Hoarding projects, delivery of marketing materials for PIR projects and so on.

So as coach in the area of Lifestyle & Wellness, working in the area of Change we learn important skills, it is not something we are born with, it is a skill like any other that you can learn from experience and  improve upon.  We become the go to coach and speaker to empower others to see the teacher within and improve themselves. You just have to know how to encourage others into that space and that is what I do.

What are some features of Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching?

Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching can include discussions about anything that impacts your health, fitness, general well-being and the way you live. The five main areas that a Lifestyle and Wellness Coach can help with are: fitness, nutrition, stress management, weight, and other health-related issues which impact us achieving our best.   Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching can help you to eat healthier, get fitter, and increase your daily energy. The main focus with Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching is to make long-lasting healthy lifestyle changes, not to provide quick fixes.

How is Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching different from personal training, therapy, seeing a nutritionist or even going to my primary care doctor?

The biggest difference between a Lifestyle and Wellness Coach and other allied health practitioners is in the approach that they take towards helping you to achieve your goals. A Lifestyle and Wellness Coach won’t tell you what to do, but will rather ask you where you want to go with your wellness, why it matters to you and how you want to get there. Unlike therapy, a Lifestyle and Wellness Coach will not focus on your past, but will rather look towards your future.

Unlike a primary care physician, a Lifestyle and Wellness Coach has the time to spend with you on your health and wellness vision and objectives. A Lifestyle and Wellness Coach will support you and guide you to create your definition of wellbeing and what that means to you. The main focus of Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching is to concentrate on your strengths and build on them to help you realize your goals. Together, you and the coach will identify your motivators and obstacles as you create your wellness vision for the future.

Why would I work with a Lifestyle and Wellness Coach?

Most of us know that we need to be fitter, lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier, change our mindset etc. but we find that it is extremely difficult to make these important and critical changes on our own. We might begin a fitness program or go on a diet, but we don’t seem to be able to follow through with what we started. The knowledge and information about being healthy is all around us, yet achieving good health is much easier said than done. A Lifestyle and Wellness Coach can work with you to set goals, prioritize what matters most and help you to follow through! A good coach will help you build confidence in your ability to make changes and create new (healthy habits) on your own, so eventually, the coach is no longer needed. In Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching, a close relationship and partnership with a coach provides structure, accountability, expertise, and inspiration. This enables the client to learn, grow, and develop beyond what he or she can do alone.

 How does Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching Work?

In the first session with a Lifestyle and Wellness Coach, the client and coach go through a very long and detailed medical questionnaire to establish a baseline of where the client is on his or her “wellness journey.” This is followed by the coach asking the client to come up with a very detailed “wellness vision”…

  • A picture of exactly what he or she imagines their best self to be in one year, 3 months, one month and one week from the day they start working together.
  • After that, motivators and obstacles are identified, and long-term behavioral goals are set that align with this vision.
  • After the client and coach establish the “why”, then the “how” is addressed in great detail.
  • Potential obstacles to each desired behavior are discussed, and strategies to overcome them are developed.
  • The client is encouraged to remember and discuss how he or she used their particular strengths to overcome obstacles in the past, and to formulate ideas of how to use them successfully again.

Finally, at the end of this and each subsequent session, weekly, realistic and well-defined goals are set by the client. The coach’s job is to encourage the client to stretch him or herself just enough to feel challenged by these weekly goals, but not so overwhelmed by them. Incremental, weekly successes, small as they might be, are why this process works as well as it does. Clients begin to feel accountable to themselves and their coaches. Their self-confidence and self-esteem grows with each success. Before long, they are accomplishing more than they believed possible when they first started.

So what can you expect from a Coaching experience?

 At Changing Lives Australia our coaches are committed to helping our clients to;

  • Clearly identify and articulate their goals
  • Develop strategies to overcome roadblocks
  • Identify and eliminate limiting beliefs
  • Be accountable to their dreams
  • Step outside of their comfort zones to achieve their goals

Katherine was brilliant. Katherine asked the right questions to help me resolve certain issues I had been dealing and struggling with for years. The sessions I had with her left me in a better place I have no hesitation in recommending her services.  – James

There are others out there doing the same thing as me, I will be ok…What do you have to offer?

Yes, you are right.  But you may as well, turn around and give up now OR you could choose to see the brilliance in your uniqueness.  At Changing Lives Australia be believe that true wellness is holistic and is the result of mind, body and spirit.  We are not counsellors, advisors, experts consultant therapists; rather we pride ourselves on being motivators, objective in our guidance and passionate in seeing our clients succeed.  There is NO ONE else out there with the same story, yes the core of the message may be similar, but the way in which it is delivered in your life, is completely unique to YOU. Understand this – You are special, you are unique, you have life experiences no one else has, you have learning experiences, qualifications, mistakes, wins, celebrations, struggles, laughter, family that no one else has. Use it and make a difference in your life!

We provide a selection of transformative and empowering coaching sessions, professional workshops, classes, to assist you in bringing your Mind, Body and Spirit into alignment and harmony on all levels so that you can be your best.

As coaches we promise to work with you every step of the way to create new healthy habits which are sustainable, that empower you to live a full and authentic life feeling energised, feeling confident, focused,  happy, healthy and in control of your life for years to come

 Want to start now?     

Trust the process with us…book your FREE  30-minute discovery coaching session today HERE so that we can match you with the coach that will best serve your needs and goals.


With this appraoch clients overcome resistance to change by using a step by step, structured approach and using other holistic techniques or our Ambassador Partners offering other services.

Sports Excercise Nutrition




Through this supportive relationship, as a Lifestyle & Wellness Coach we empower our clients with a focus on facilitation and work on a holistic approach.  The client then takes responsibility, feels more confident as they experience small successes and ultimately achieves more significant change than they would on their own.



Personal lifestyle and wellness.workshops and retreats are presented by people who are trained professional facilitators, counsellors and peer workers to support you with spiritual, emotional, mental and physical processes of healing in these key areas.

We like to provide unique workshops and retreats for our clients understanding how to empower people to make a difference in their lives and bringing the best people together that really want to make change in the community for the community.

  • Living Well – Coach Yourself to Wellness
  • Life cycle of Sexual Abuse and Pathways to Change (Launching December)
  • For the Love of Money and Men (Launching December)
  • Living Well  (Launching soon!)
Workplace Wellness Solutions

The Changing Lives Australia Workplace Wellness Program takes a comprehensive approach to creating a culture of coaching at your organization that promotes lifestyle change for health and wellbeing improvement among employees. A key component of CLA’s coaching methodology is to help integrate goals into a person’s whole life: work, family, wellness, relationships, community and more.

CLA offers a variety of workshops and active programming designed for workplace wellness. Most are experiential, supporting a healthy group dynamic and are designed to take employees to a deeper understanding of their body and goals as well as to build skills to support the process. Each workshop has actionable items and highlights the science behind our systems so that participants can make sustainable changes as they pursue work/life balance.

Available programs include: Workshops covering fitness, nutrition, mental health and wellness topics; recurring classes in meditation, self confidence, social inclusion classes and interval or strength training that can be done onsite or through private group classes at one of our partnered studio’s; individual employee fitness assessments; and group or individual employee wellness coaching.

All of CLA’s workplace wellness programs can be customized to meet specific staff needs and organisational goals.

Most employers will say we already have an Employee Assistance Program (E.A.P.)

An excellent start however our experience tells us that many employees will not access this service for reasons such as:
–          Fear that it will be detrimental to their work record;
–          Stigma that bosses or colleagues will find out that they are accessing the service;
–          Stigma that they are weak as they are needing to access the service;
–          Fear of what the sessions will reveal about their work habits or coping strategies.
–          Fear about seeking out information on the service.

 The Solution

Providing lifestyle and wellness coaching education sessions for all employees will reduce stigma and create a culture that recognises that the service is available, useful and provided without judgement. Training key staff with Mental Health First Aid skills will also provide an avenue and tool for the E.A.P. service to be discussed, promoted and accessed.

If you would like to work with me in the Corporate sense I am available to present,  facilitate workshops on Lifestyle Food and Wellness with the use of Holistic Health techniques to assist in changing lives and empowering individuals and teams.





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